Liar! Liar!

I'm just find out someone that I knew few years back is a Liar.

Yes, He's a Liar.

After 5 years we split up, you was actually someone else husband and father.

And you even married to your wife in year 2000.

What a shame.

And if i'm not mistaken we knew each other in year 2006.

Anyway thanks to Mark Zuckerberg for creating The Facebook.

Cos we can see how stupid people dealing with the technology.

Yes really stupid.

And maybe I'm stupid back then or maybe just love is blind.


But hey, life is like a wheel. Sometimes you're at the top, sometimes you're at the bottom. The world turns.

Just remember, you had a daughter.

How would you feel if the same thing happened to me happen to your child.

Giving someone false hope and breaking her heart into a million pieces?

I'm not expecting something bad happens to you, later.

But i just hope that karma will get you hard!

Last but not least, thank you for making me stronger.


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